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Wit Wisdom & food podcast

Learn more about Ezra’s Enlightened Cafe, as well as the benefits of eating a plant-based diet with Audrey Barron as the special guest. 


Natural awakenings

"Herbal Allies for a Strong Immune System"

Published: March 2018 by Audrey Barron


Curly Conversations podcast

Growing healthy hair starts from the inside out, so what exactly should we be eating? Audrey Barron gives information about foods that promote hair growth.

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Natural awakenings

“Natural Lifestyle Upgrades to Ease Allergies”

Published: March 2019 by Audrey Barron

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The Full Plate Podcast

Eating and Living a Plant-Based Life with Audrey Barron


The Good Earth Radio

Audrey speaks on Ezra's Enlightened Cafe and her family farm


Natural Awakenings 

"Farming for Life"

Published July 2018 by Audrey Barron


Live Right Now! podcast

Episode 20 recorded at Ezra’s Enlightened Cafe