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In July of 2019 my team at Ezra’s Cafe and I created a super unique membership called Enlighten Your Plate. EYP encompassed both cafe benefits like menu discounts and grocery ordering along with on-going virtual learning with me - diving into plant-based recipes, herbal remedies and growing our own food and herbs. Here’s what we learned. We’re having a blast and there is so much value in all of our offerings. However, many folks want either the local benefits or the virtual learning benefits. Not as many were using or needed both.

So to serve the many people who are interested in either the cafe benefits or the virtual learning, we’ve split them up and made both much more affordable. You can find the details for the Enlighten Your Plate Membership HERE.


Let’s get to it - what is Medicine Woman all about?

We’re taking ancient wisdom from our ancestors who knew how to create food and simple medicines from the plants around them…. back to your modern kitchen.

Do you desire to know more about how to cook food that can help you and your family stay healthy and vibrant?

Would you like to know more about how to use simple herbal remedies and even make them yourself at home?

Have you always wanted that lush herbal garden outside your back door that you can use to make medicines and healing dishes?

The Medicine Woman Membership is your support and guidance in all of these areas. I’ve been growing and using plants to help people heal for over a decade….from my cafe to my farm and my home. And I want to share it with you!

  • Virtual Learning – Medicine Woman members have exclusive access to your own online portal of resources to help you use plants to heal and thrive. I share easy, fun and delicious plant-based recipes for you, kitchen tips, gardening tips and so much more. Your monthly videos and resources are guided by the current season. When you sign up, you start with over 15 videos and pages and pages of resources to read, learn from and print off if you desire.

    • An example of how the year flows: Jan-March we’ll be focusing on root veggies and how to approach emotional wellbeing from your kitchen. April-May we’ll be focusing on wild foods, seasonal cleansing and preparing for the summer months ahead. Your recipes and videos will reflect these themes. You’re provided a road map of what we’re covering in the months ahead and the beautiful thing is that we infuse your desires and feedback into what we teach in upcoming months. Our members help guide what we cover.

  • Private Facebook Group - You’ll also have access to the Medicine Woman Inner Circle, a community group where you can connect with your tribe and connect directly with me as I go live from my kitchen and garden, answering your questions and supporting you as a fellow medicine woman.

Medicine Woman is perfect for you if:

  • You desire to deepen your role as the medicine woman in your home - the person cooking most of the meals and in charge of your household’s wellbeing.

  • You desire guidance and new recipes and kitchen tips to keep you inspired

  • You and/or your family have chronic illness and you want to improve your health through what you eat

  • You would like to learn about growing your own organic food and herbs right outside your door

  • You want to know more about how to choose and use remedies to take care of yourself and your family

  • You would like to learn how to create your own safe and simple herbal remedies for you and your family

  • You would like to connect with other members and be part of a like-minded tribe as a way to share recipes, challenges, ideas and support each other as fellow medicine women…. a virtual tribe

  • You want to take back more control of your health, spend less money at the pharmacy counter and the doctor

  • You would rather spend time PREVENTING sickness than relying on doctors to prescribe drugs, and focusing on having an amazing high quality of life


Your monthly investment of $13 goes toward your continual access to my guidance in our private Facebook group, the support and valuable wisdom from your fellow medicine woman and of course, the thoughtfully planned videos, recipes, remedies, gardening tips and more that I provide each month.

Medicine Woman is opening soon.

Get your bootie on the wait list now my love.