Enlighten Your Plate Membership

Enlighten Your Plate Membership.png

I founded Ezra’s Enlightened Cafe to be an oasis of wellbeing. Our membership is no different.  The Enlighten Your Plate Membership is a support system for your wellbeing journey.

As an EYP Member, you enjoy many perks and benefits that will support you on the journey to a higher level of wellbeing and feeling good.  Prevention is KEY to long term health.  And a huge part of preventing sickness and disease is through what we eat.  This is where we come in!

Enjoy food that prevents disease, deeply nourishes and tastes amazing.  You’ll have online access to recipes, kitchen tips to make healthy eating easy, videos on how to grow your own food and herbs and more.


Benefits you’ll enjoy as an EYP Member:


  • Online learning & support – members have exclusive access to your own online portal of resources, including videos, recipes and more full of amazing information from Chef Audrey, on how to enlighten your plate. Audrey will share easy, fun and delicious plant-based recipes for you, kitchen tips, gardening tips and so much more. You’ll also have access to the private Facebook community group where you can connect with your tribe and connect directly with Audrey as she goes live from her kitchen.

  • Café discounts on juices, smoothies, herbal tonics, herbal retail products and our monthly cooking classes

  • Wellness Grocery Program – you’ll be able to order weekly groceries, such as our house-made milks, cheezes, breads, bagels, falafels, soups, fresh herbs from the farm and more… at members only prices.


The Enlighten Your Plate Membership is perfect if:

  • You desire support like recipes, videos and kitchen tips to keep you inspired in the kitchen

  • You would like to learn about growing your own organic food and herbs

  • You would like to learn how to use common herbs to create safe and simple herbal remedies for you and your family

  • You would like to connect with other members and be part of a like-minded tribe as a way to share recipes, ideas and support each other

  • You’re an Ezra’s Café customer and you already love our food and would love to take advantage of the menu discounts, class discounts and wellness grocery program

  • You live in the Indianapolis area and you are plant-based, gluten-free, appreciate healthy clean food

  • You’re local to our cafe, and want to have a fridge stocked with healthy plant-based and gluten-free food made fresh with organic ingredients


For a monthly investment of $19.99, you receive well over $75/month worth of benefits.