A bit about me

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My now...

I am a mother of two small children and an entrepreneur with an insatiable drive to make the world a better place.  This might be why I opened Indiana's very first (and currently, only) totally plant based, NON-GMO and gluten-free cafe when my son was one and a half. It might also be why my husband and I started and urban farm while planning for and giving birth to our second child.  The more I experience the magic of my children, the more I want for them....things like clean food, clean water, clean air and a world with more peace and less suffering.  So, I'm making my small contribution by growing and serving clean food and sharing what I learn along the way.

My inspiration along with my children, is Gaia, our Mother Earth.  She is our home and she provides our physical nourishment.  Hence Gaia Chef.  

So join me as I share my every day happenings at the farm, the cafe and with my family as I grow food, marvel at nature, create herbal remedies, cook healthy dishes and talk about how much I love honey bees and nettles

With love,

Audrey xoxo