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Upcoming Workshops & Classes


re-wild your plate

April 18

Join Chef Audrey as she talks about one of her favorite subjects – wild foods! Spring is
in the air and wild foods are becoming available. Audrey will talk about why wild foods are so important to have in your diet and how they support the highest levels of health
and wellbeing.  

Plant-based eating for Ultimate well-being

May 16

Join Chef Audrey as we dive into how you can feel your best, balance and heal ailments and prevent disease by eating clean vibrant plants.We will be focusing on foods available in this season – with a look toward the coming summer. 


Summer Seasonal Re-boot Dishes

june 20

Join Chef Audrey as we talk about how Summer can be an awesome time to re-boot your health, using the rainbow of colors and foods to help you naturally cleanse and release the toxins, extra weight and ailments that no longer serve you. 

Stay on our Organic Urban Farm

Our urban farm is located 10 minutes from Broad Ripple Village...and you can stay there!  We have a quaint newly remodeled farm house on the property that can be booked through Air B&B....

Enlighten Your Plate

In 2014 I opened the very first plant-based, NON-GMO and Gluten-free cafe and Wellness Bar in Indiana - and certainly one of the only in the Midwest.  We serve high vibration food and our intention is for you to feel better when you leave after visiting our cafe.  We have also started the adventure of growing some of the produce that we use at the cafe.