Ezra's Organic Urban Farm


If I'm running a plant based cafe, I want to grow my own produce, right?!  In the summer of 2015, my husband and I made a decision.  We would either move into a larger home to accommodate our growing family or we would go on an adventure.  We chose the latter.  Our adventure became a six acre plot of land, 10 minutes from trendy Broad Ripple Village in Indianapolis.  This wooded property became what is now an urban farm and budding retreat space.  My talented hubs (Sam) remodeled the small home on the land, which is now lovingly referred to as "the farm house".  We rent the farm house on Air B&B for folks who want a getaway close to the city.

Back to the growing our own produce bit....We started the urban farm in the Spring of 2016 on approximately half an acre of the six on the property.  I'm writing this in the summer of 2017 and we are very happy with the results we are seeing.  Our hope is to be able to supply at least 50% of our produce needs by year 5, using totally sustainable and organic farming practices.  We are using organic and heirloom seeds and farming using permaculture principles (basically working WITH Gaia instead of against her).  We compost with all the food scraps from the cafe, we save rain water to water the plants and we keep bees....hey, we are striving for serious hippy status!

Want to get involved?  Email us over at EzrasOrganicFarm@gmail.com and check out our event calendar for upcoming volunteer dates.

Do you see yourself enjoying a peaceful stay at our farm house?  Check out the details HERE.